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Make cheques payable to Nipissing-Timiskaming PPC Association and mail to 126 Wallace Heights Dr., North Bay, ON P1C 1E6

All Canadians with taxable income receive a tax credit when donating to the PPC. A donation of $400 costs you just $100 after tax credit.

All donations received before December 31 are eligible for tax credits in the new year.

How the tax credit works

You get back:

75% for the first $400 you donate.
50% for the next $350 you donate.
33 1/3% of the rest
up to a total tax credit of $650.

You can give a maximum of $1,600 a year to the People's Party of Canada.

You can also give a maximum of $1,600 a year to all local campaigns, riding associations, or nomination races combined.

Please note: when prompted by PayPal, you must share your address with us as per Election Finance law.

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